Building Idol Brands

Building Idol Brands

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Formato:Libro físico
Titulo: Building Idol Brands
Editorial: Brands with Fans
Autor: Marcelo Borlando Marconi

Anything can be an Idol Brand, including you! These days, the most cost-effective marketing strategy in the world is to convert your brand into a true celebrity! Only those brands, which can captivate and involve people and keep them engaged will truly succeed. The rest of them will slowly sink into the underworld of commodities. But how to attract people and transform them into unconditional fan-clients?

The true value of the brand is not in its tangible attributes; is the level of appreciation from its followers, based in an inspirational meaning through how it empowers them. Here is when we come to understand why, despite their faults, fan-clients are willing to forgive mistakes, promote and liberate the brand, again and again. The connection is so deep that these customers own the brand’s meaning forever.

Essentially, it is about implementing this new IDOL BRAND FORMULA to identify, anticipate and forecast the value of the meaning in all those ideas, products or brands, which have the potential to offer something special to a particular group of people. And of course, to transform those brands into beloved, successful, genuine and generous Idol Brands; to create them, in as many industries and platforms as possible, viewing the client as the main promoter of the offer, and the world as a better place.


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